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Showing posts from September 16, 2012

Good Speaker

I wish I own a DJ music service business. I don't know why, but I just loved singing and dancing. Remember when I was a teen ager, my friends and I would attend parties almost every day during summer break. If I have a DJ music service business then I would get the chance to always attend parties, dance and sing. I wonder how much is the Marshall Amps, I heard this is a really good speaker brand. I bet it is expensive but has an excellent sound.

I miss guitar

One of these days I will purchase a nice guitar. I am not good at playing guitar but I want to practice and learn more so I can teach my children. I saw one nice guitar that I can afford at gibson guitar. I cant wait to get one and play the guitar. Its been a long time since I play a guitar, I miss those days when I younger and play guitar and sing like Ive never play guitar and sing before.