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Education very important

I have attempted to attend some type of higher education a couple of times, but life has always got in the way or I felt that I would not be able to do it for whatever reason. I have a wife and two boys to worry about, and do not have time to devote to school. I can not miss work to go to school. Plus my schedule makes it very difficult for me to find the time to go to school since most school hours are during the day time and I work at night. So I could say that college was somewhat unattainable to me in the past.
I am also like Greg in the case study that I choose. I would feel lost a college having to find my way around and having to meet new people and learn new things. Although, that is just about what everyone goes through when they first go to school of any kind. I also do not believe that a typical college is for me. I do not like to sit for hours on end listening to someone lecture about a topic. I find it difficult to retain information that way. The pathway program helps …