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A wedding ring to me symbolizes a true love between  two people.  My wedding ring is simple, does not have many stones, but it has precious memories of true love and sacrifice. Someday, I know, I will have a new ring. I would like to check rings at scott kay ring. They have really beautiful rings and designers rings you can choose from.

Leading with a small "L"

Leading with a small “L” is showing those who are looking to us for guidance that you are there to serve them and not to dominate them. An example of leading with a small “L” is of King Benjamin from the book of Mosiah. Usually when we think of a King we envision a man sitting on a throne being waited on hand and foot by many people. This is not the case with King Benjamin. He was out tilling the fields and harvesting the crops with the others in the kingdom. He was truly a servant of the people. For me that is what it means to lead to lead with a small “L”. Serve those we are leading so we all can be blessed learn together.
When we teach so that people can understand the lesson and they enjoy learning then for me this type of teaching can contribute to being a disciple leader. Jesus taught us by example. He did not go around forcing people what he knew to be the will of his father on the people. He left their agency intact. People have to want to learn and we have to make it so that…

Barcode Scanner

Are you thinking of buying a barcode scanner for your business so you can monitor your inventories easily? Well, I would suggest Honeywell Barcode Scanner. This barcode scanner offers a high caliber scanning, has an optimal scan range of up to 18 inches for standard UPC codes and can be managed remotely. These are not the only unique features that this scanner has. If you want to know and learn more about this product simple visit their website.