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Showing posts from November 4, 2012

I think positive

I have chosen the principle on language to help me feel better about myself and have more confidence in myself. I do complain about work and some of the people there. If I stop complaining about work and try to find the positives there I think the situation will be a lot better and I will not regret going to work. I do not really associate myself with gossip. I do not like it and I try to avoid it if I can. I do use sarcasm at times trying to be funny or break into a conversation. I do not do it to make anyone feel bad or demean them, but I will need to stop this so that others can feel better about themselves. I do really need to work on saying positive things about others. If someone makes an error or does something wrong I do not usually say positive uplifting things about them. I need to do this so I can give place for the spirit to enter so that the spirit can better help me when I need it.

New Tablet

Tablets are very popular these days. I am actually thinking of getting another one for my mother on her birthday.  I am not sure what brand will I buy for her, but I will shop around and look for good deals. There is one that I found, it is called asus vivo. I wonder if I can find this tablet is already in any electronics store here DFW, Texas.

Trials of Faith

In 2 Nephi we learn from Lehi to Jacob that we could not know what it means to be happy if we could not know what it means to be sad. Before Nephi or anyone can be highly favored of the Lord they must first be subjected to trials of faith. Even Jesus Christ’s faith was tried in the Garden. One must continue to endure the trial or the test of faith with out giving up until the trial is over. (2 Nephi 2:2) Because the trials that our Heavenly Father places before us can be so difficult at times we are constantly on our knees in prayer to Heavenly Father asking him for guidance through the trial. (D&C 90:24) Once we have endured to the end of the trial we have an increase of faith and a greater understanding of GOD and his infinite love and mercy for all of his children, and a better understanding of the plan of happiness. (D&C 122:7-8) Once we have been found faithful from our trials then we can truly be highly favored of the Lord and better able to fulfill all that he has in s…