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Showing posts from November 18, 2012

Play Flute

My sister in law can play flute very well. Whenever we visit her we always ask her to play flute because we love listening to her songs. Right now she asked me if I can get her a rico reserve mouthpiece, not quite sure where to find that mouthpiece but I know I can find it online. I love listening to someone playing flute. I pray that someday one of my kids would have the interest to play any musical instrument of their choice.

Leather bags

Looking for  leather briefcases for men ? I am sure there are a lot of leather briefcases on sale out there. I am thinking to buy one for my husband for Christmas since he needs one for school and church. I know leather bags are expensive, but if I can find leather briefcase that is not too expensive and has nice material, I will but it for my husband on Christmas.

Change life for the better

There are many times in life where we are taught to set goals about what you plan to long before you them. Sometimes, just like in the book plans and goals have a bad habit of falling apart. Henry Eyring said it might not have been good for his family or he might not have had a family at if he had been accepted into Harvard or Stanford. It is true most of the time college graduates are not ready for the real world. Where I am employed now I see that everyday and the ones that I am referring to all have at least a Bachelors degree. So even though they got the degree to get the job they have no life skills. I also agree that higher education is necessary for a better life in some situations. Some people just find the right niche and off they go. I am in the situation where a degree would help out in career choices. I have an associate’s degree, but I have a job that is not in line with my degree and working hours that are not good for my families needs. With a higher education I might …