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Showing posts from December 2, 2012

Student a I taught today

This week I choose to teach my student about the importance of education with respect to continuing education. Education is a commandment of God and it is my opinion that what we do not learn here we will have to learn in the Celestial Kingdom before we can progress to become as God is now. This week I had an open discussion with Alicia about the importance of education.
She said that there is always room for improvement and that there is no limit to the amount of learning that a person can get or receive. She also said that knowledge is power. Then we discussed that without knowledge there are people in the word that will take advantage of you. She also said that we do not stop learning. We can not stop learning or we should never stop learning. She would like to continue her education, but right now life is in the way of that.
We should seek for education in the secular world and the spiritual world as well. Furthering our education is a commandment of God. To become closer to Go…

Musical Instruments

I wonder if learning how to play drum is a good idea for my 7 year old son. Right now, he attends piano lesson, but he does not seem like he is enjoying playing piano. But he loves music and love to sing. I want all my children to learn musical instruments that's why I try to explore them my love of music.


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