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Showing posts from December 16, 2012

Need to clean garage

I need to clean our garage after this Holiday. There are a lot of stuff in our garage that we do not use anymore and things that I need to keep and store. I wonder if storage cabinets are expensive. I probably have to shop around to see which store sell cheap but had good quality storage cabinets. This would be my project after this holiday season. I have to save money for this project.


It is good to be reminded that our Heavenly Father wants us to call Him whenever we need His help or just whenever. He really wants to help us and he knows what help we need, but we have to communicate with him to get the help and the blessing that anxiously waits to give us.
I was also impressed with the quote by Elder Dallin H. Oaks regarding prayer and answers to prayers. He says that we petition the Lord we do not always receive inspiration or revelation when we might ask for it. In fact it might be delayed or we might be left to our own judgments about our situations. He also says that we are here in the mortal life to learn faith and if our Father was to help us with every little problem we could not learn it the way need to.
I like the experience of Lisa Funk when she asks for guidance but does not receive it she uses here own judgment to begin on a path and has faith that Father will direct her on the path that she needs to go when she needs to redirected. I relate this expe…