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Have you guys seen our company new website? Actually, we are still working on it. Hubby is the one building our website. If you guys have a chance, please check it at
Hopefully by next month we will incorporate our business to the state of Texas. Wish us luck. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for visiting us guys! Take care.

Nice sinks for your kitchen

I cant believe how time flies, Its been 3 years and 2 months now since we moved to our first house. The house we are into right now is our first house and I still love it. Its not a really big house but it is  perfect for us right now. There are some things in our house that we would like to upgrade, like the kitchen cabinets, bathtubs, flooring and painting the wall. My husband wants the kitchen upgraded first. I have to tell him to look at kitchen sinks at, they have really nice kitchen sinks that we both want for our kitchen. I just checked that website again, and I am really attracted on one of the sinks they have, It is the copper and brass deep sink. It is really beautiful. I wish we have a lot of money so I can buy those now and have my kitchen remodeled.