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Showing posts from February 17, 2013

Why I need this principle of the gospel?

I have chosen the principle on language to help me feel better about myself and have more confidence in myself. I do complain about work and some of the people there. If I stop complaining about work and try to find the positives there I think the situation will be a lot better and I will not regret going to work. I do not really associate myself with gossip. I do not like it and I try to avoid it if I can. I do use sarcasm at times trying to be funny or break into a conversation. I do not do it to make anyone feel bad or demean them, but I will need to stop this so that others can feel better about themselves. I do really need to work on saying positive things about others. If someone makes an error or does something wrong I do not usually say positive uplifting things about them. I need to do this so I can give place for the spirit to enter so that the spirit can better help me when I need it.

Doing fine

Happy Wednesday to all my readers!!! I hope you guys are doing good. Today I did some work outs here at work. Our HR has some kind of a health program fitness to employees, so I'm taking advantage of that as I've been lazy these past weeks. Not much to say, I'm at work today and waiting for my fave time of the day....which is 5pm.

Breeches for you

If you are an equestrian and are looking for some nice hot breeches, I have to recommend to you this website called for riding breeches. They have different kinds of breeches to choose from. They have low rise and mid rise breeches and with different colors and styles. I have never worn a breeches before so to me they look just like skinny jeans. But I know they are different and are specially made for equestrian. I wish I could ride on a horse and have horses to ride on.

Its Monday again!

It's Monday again! Mondays not really my favorite day. I gotta go to work today. I have no choice right now. Someday, I'll be able to stay at home again mom with my boys. I'm hoping this year. Happy Monday!!