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My energy is low and I think energy supplements might help boost it

As I get older I feel my energy level decreasing. It feels like when I wake up that I still need to sleep and throughout the day I very little energy to do anything. I try to stay away from caffeine and other stimulants because they can cause minor side effects. One such side effect is that it causes the heart to speed up. Plus caffeine can be addicting to the point that in order to get the desired effect over time much more is needed because the body has developed a tolerance to it. I do not like that so I try to avoid those types of energy enhancing drinks. However there is an alternative to those energy drinks that are a lot less hard on the body. There are better ways to eat which I am trying to do and getting more physical activity. Over time these activities will add to the overall health and energy level of the body. Still these are not the only ways to increase energy levels. Another thing that I can do to increase my energy level in the interim is with the use of energy sup…