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Showing posts from August 25, 2013

Hopefully sometime soon we will need Carson Thorn

My husband and I started a business a little over one year ago. We have not really had any real success at it yet. We have made a few dollars, but nothing to write home about. Maybe one day we be doing so well that we can stay home and work for ourselves. That will be nice. When that day comes we might need Carson Thorn

Stratocaster pickups cancel hmm in electric guitars

I just learned from some online surfing that an electric guitar can have unfavorable humming when it is turned on. There is this device that called Stratocaster pickup that will cancel out the hum and make the sound crisp and clear. If you have this problem then you can save on stratocaster pickups at musician's friend. That is if you are into that sort of thing.

Maybe studio trends stsc 24 desk would help my son like piano more

My oldest son is taking some piano lessons from a lady that we know. He seems to like it a little, but as not much as I thought he would. We even went as far as to buy an electric piano that he could use to practice on. Maybe if we had a nice desk like the studio trends stsc 24 he might like it more. I do hope that one day he will gain more interest in the piano.

Custom coin collecting is something my husband did for a time

Do you guys remember when the US Mint minted all of those new quarters that displayed something from every state in the union? I sure do. My husband actually collected many of those quarters. He did not get all of them, but he got a lot from both of the mints in the US. I found this website called custom coin from that might have some of those quarters as well as other types of coins. He might like that.