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Stubborn Lip Stain!

Okay so today I wanted to share how amazing my Younique lip stain is. Last week when I received Younique Lip Stain that I ordered online from my website, I applied it right away! It is amazing. I have never tried smudge-proof and smooch-proof lip color in my life until I became a Younique Presenter. That same day, in the evening I went to a party still wearing the lip stain that  I had applied on my lips 5 hours earlier. One of my friends at the party noticed how red my lips were! Because I dont normally wear red lips stick. I wore red on purpose to catch the attention of my friends at the party so I could spark conversation about my lips stain and then introduce my business to them. And it did happen. After eating all kinds of food at the party and everyone's just sitting and relaxing. One of the girls tease me and said. " Oh you put on some more lipstick huh?" I laughed and said. "Of course not!" Then she asked what brand am I using,  So I told them that I a…