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Showing posts from May 10, 2015

Forgotten food but not the place

Are you a Mexican food lover? I am not. Their food is great, their tacos are acatually one of my favorites Mexican food. My boys love burritto, and my husband loves taquitos. A few weeks ago, my friend and I went to Dallas. On our way home, we stopped at this restaurant in Forest Lane Road. Choosing what food to eat was very hard for me because I want to try something different but good. So with the help of my friend, she picked the menu that I would probably like. Now I could not remember the name of it, but it starts with "G" and it looks like a pocket that has stuff in it. It was really good! Whenever I see small Mexican Restaurant, I always thought it they have the food that looks like a pocket with stuff inside. Here is the picture of the restaurant we ate at in Dallas.

Turn your customer's reviews into revenue

Have you ever submitted a review of a product or service you bought or used?  Have you ever thought what happened to that review after you submit? I've done reviews in the past and I just always thought that the company took them all and post them on their website. Which is probably what others companies do. However, putting all those reviews together is probably difficult and time consuming operation. There has to be an easier way to put  all of the reviews together and not be so difficult. There is a way that makes collecting and sorting reviews much easier and that is called eKomi. 
The eKomi company gathers all the feedback of your customers which makes it easier for online businesses to generate seller ratings, product reviews, social recommendations and create viral effects on websites, social media and search engines so that businesses can more successfully generate impact revenue for the success of their business.
Reviews are an important part of any successful business. …

Long lasting color.

Have you tried lip stain for long-last color on you lip? The picture on the left is the product I would like to introduce to you. This is smudge-proof, smooch-proof, worry free and 100% mineral. I love this lip stain color. In my previous blog, I mentioned how my friends noticed the long lasting color on my lips. If you are interested to purchase, please go here. By doing so, you are helping me reach my party goal. Thank you.

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